Stardate 11869.3

Captain's Log: Stardate 11869.3
The Enterprise has just returned home to Starbase One after a several-day voyage surrounding the 2018 C&C Northeast Rendezvous in Milford, CT. Here is my report:

For the first couple of days (City Island to Norwalk, then Norwalk to Milford) the air temperatures were categorized by the National Weather Services as "Unseasonably Warm" which, in our opinion, was the understatement of the year. In fact, I'd like to find the person who deemed that phrase, set their clothes on fire, and then ask them if they feel unseasonably warm. It was well into the 90's with enough humidity to make the real-feel over the 100 mark. It was like the sun was pushed a few million miles closer to the Earth.

Our dock space at Norwalk Cove Marina was in a prime location with a short hop to the ship's store and facilities and just a few steps to their excellent restaurant, Sunset Grille, where we joyfully dined on seafood and barbecue dishes, in air conditioning, overlooking the water. For an appetizer, we had Mussels Fra Diavlo, but it's possible the hotness of the wine/tomato broth was just from being outdoors.

That first night was woefully uncomfortable -- and no fan or portable air conditioner was going to help. I think I dropped five pounds in water weight alone, sweating enough to fill the bilge.

At least the second day had a forecast for an afternoon thunderstorm, ushering in a cold front that would drop the air temps by 15 degrees. After arriving at the wonderful Milford Landing Marina, we quickly moved indoors to an air conditioned conference room. As we watched the skies darken, we rooted for the storm to come. Dangerous lighting? Damaging winds? Fuck it -- we wanted it to cool off.

And amazingly enough, it did. It went from 91 to 74 in an hour. Sleeping will be better and then other C&C's will arrive.

The next morning, nicely rested, we woke to low 70's temps and cloudy skies - a wonderful day to enjoy Milford while waiting for the other C&C's to arrive. In true celebratory fashion, we dressed up the Enterprise:

Scheduled to attend were a total of seven members of the C&C Fleet: Hideaway (C&C 35 Mk III), Olivia Grace (C&C Landfall 38), Aries (C&C 34+), Knot Again (C&C 35 Mk III), Weatherly (C&C 35), Destrier (C&C 30), and, of course, the Enterprise. Regretfully, the skipper of Hideaway hurt his back and the skipper of Olivia Grace was suffering from some bronchitis, so they both had to cancel. But, one after the other, they all arrived:

The First-Annual Rendezvous Dedication Award goes to Destrier, the C&C 30 coming from Eastchester Bay, who, through upwind and strong tidal currents, took 16 hours to make the 44-nautical mile journey. Captain Charlie and his two sons didn't make it in time for our first-night pot luck dinner, but Charlie's wife, Mary Anne, drove up by car to provide some spicy sausage and peppers, and joined us for Captain Howard's (Knot Again) fantastic selection of great wine - he owns a New Jersey winery (and, we asked, he doesn't crush grapes in his bathtub overlooking Newark.)

The next day, we all got to walk into town and then tour each other's boats before the rain started coming in. At 4:30, we invited everyone on board the Enterprise for some pre-dinner drinks. More photos will be posted when I get them, but for now:

Thats Ray from Knot Again and yours truly -- notice the glowing warp core over his right shoulder

And yes, we had Romulan Ale -- as well as Andorian Rum and Klingon Blood Wine. Don't believe me? Here are the labels that were on the bottles:

To be honest, we never got to open the Klingon Blood Wine, which either meant that they were too scared to try it, or they really wanted to finish off more of Howard's Super Tuscan. Howard told me he brought several bottles along with him to the Rendezvous, and they were thoroughly enjoyed by all. So much so, that it was suggested that maybe next time he leave Ray at home so he can bring more bottles.

After drinks, we had our group dinner at nearby Archie Moore's, stuffing ourselves with beyond generous helpings of buffalo wings, chicken fingers, eggplant fries and cheese quesadillas.

Clockwise from left - Ray (Knot Again), Howard (Knot Again), Marie (Weatherly), David and Lori (Aries), Neil and daughter Maureen (Weatherly) and Greatest Wife Ever.

Sadly, the Destrier boys didn't join us, but they were planning a 4:00a departure back to the Bronx. Our plan was to leave around 8:00, possibly even passing them on the way back.

The next morning, we all departed on our schedules, facing some big waves, high winds and strong currents - At one point we hit 10.7 knots (Warp 10.7) in the surf but the Enterprise (and her crew) handled it well making for an uneventful voyage home.

We're already thinking about next year. We'll see...